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Jag har alltid alltid varit besatt av kläder,men inte alltid brytt mig om mode.Numera är mode kanske ett  av mitt största intresse.Och hur jag egentligen började öppna ögonen för det var för att jag började läsa och följa många mode bloggar.Så därför har jag gjort en lista på några av mina favorit bloggar som jag stalkar och som inspirerar mig dagligen!

I've always always been obsessed with clothes,but haven't always cared about fashion.Nowadays,fashion is one of the biggest interest that I have.And how I really opened my eyes for this world is thanks to all the fashion blogs I started to read.So that's why I wanted to make a list of my favorite blogs that I stalk all the time and inspire me daily!

so so pretty and has an adorable and she's also 17 years old,but 10000 times more succesful than me!
every person that reads fashion blogs knows who she is.She has a very girly style,alot of pretty dresses!
She's just super badass and I love her grungy and punkergirl style.Aslo I want her hair badly.
Tomboy-ish but still very highfashion.Beautiiiiful pictures and she has legs that goes on for days!
Super duper sweet girl with a cute girly colorblocking style to die for.
I'd do anything to have her closet,it's probably impossible to count how much clothes she has.Beautiful girly elegante haute couture style!
She looks perfect multi 8000! She's Sweden's biggest blogger for a reason.
sometimes I wonder why god didn't made me to her,it shouldn't be human to be that beautiful.
I'd like to day that she's the thing to be proudest of our hometown.She's such a sweetheart with rocking trendy style!
She's such a trendsetter and nothing can ever look bad on her.

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