Colton Haynes leaving Teen Wolf??

If you've been hanging around long enough,you'd know that Teen Wolf is my favorite show & I'm OBSESSED,like super hardcore.I'm freaking crazy about it.
And I was so chocked & bitter when I heard that Colton Haynes,who plays Jackson Whitmore,decided to leave the show.I looked it up & got so confused by all the different versions.Did he leave by choice or did they kicked him??
I don't believe he decided to leave at all,that's probably what they made him say.And also why would they limit his character to 50%,even I know about marketing better.
No but,seriously,I just wanted to say that I'm so disappointed that they took away such a big role & loved actor.Such a mistake.Every show NEEDS a snobby,freaking jaw droping hot jock who's runing around bitching with people.
I'm gonna miss that flawless face & unreal good looking & always topless body of his.Get Jackson back for god sake,pleaaaaasee!!! Fuck you MTV!!
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