Teen Wolf 2 ep 6

I hope you didn't miss this week's episode of Teen Wolf,cause I just watch it and man that shit was intense! It was rad,forsure.Who else shared a tear when Jacksson dried?? Man I did...But he stills scares the shit out of me and giving me haunting nightmares,stupid kanima.So do Alllisons mother and grandpa,they have like no souls and only speak biatch.And I still don't know what's up with Lydia and I can't figure her out,that drives me insane!!
And Stiles is making me pie my pants as always,oh that sweetheart! The gay club scenes,were just hilarious out of my fucking mind.But I was really bummed that Isaac didn't showed up once in this episode,he's my new crush,grr.
And last but not least,this week's cliffhanger was,who the fuck is the master controlling Jacksson/The kanima?? Maybe grandpa Gerard?? Brilliant episode!

some gifs from this week's ep.

OH! this new mysterious guy is quite cute huh?
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